Unleash your advertising potential: 10 reasons to choose Facebook ads

In that era of modern technology, online advertisement is mandatory for everyone business to grow. There are many platforms for advertisement but today we will discuss the 10 most effective benefits of Facebook ads.

Target Potential Audiences

By using Facebook advertisements you can target potential audiences based on their age, gender, demographics, interest, behavior, and location. Facebook owns an unlimited database of users based on their activities and information.

By testing various audiences through paid advertisements we can find our potential audiences and get maximum sales with minimum CPC (cost per click).

Get maximum Brand Awareness

There are many objectives in Facebook ads but brand awareness is one of the best to get maximum reach for the targeted audience. Brand awareness ads are useful to get maximum reach, video views, engagements, and visitors to your store location. As a social media marketing expert I’ll guide everyone to start advertising with brand awareness ads and then target the custom audience based on previous engagements.

Different Objectives

Facebook ads are not specified for just one type of ad. There are many objectives and you can choose based on needs, like:

Awareness: to get maximum reach, impressions, brand awareness, video views, and store location awareness.

Traffic: This objective is specified for link clicks, landing page views, and calls, to get conversations via Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Engagement: If you are looking to get conversations, video videos, posts engagement, and messages on Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp then this objective is for you.

Leads: These kinds of ads are useful to get form fills, messenger inquiries, conversations, and calls.

App promotion: If you are looking to get maximum installs for your app or want to advertise any App event then this is your objective.

Sales: In short this is the objective for E-commerce based ads. You can advertise your product in the form of catalogs. If you are looking for conversions, calls, and messages on Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp then try it once.

You can see many objectives have similar roles but you can use them as per your marketing funnel or strategy.

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Cost Effective

Being a social media marketing manager I have run for many brands. But I can assure you Facebook ads are cost-effective and generate maximum ROAS (return on ads spent).

The question is why Facebook advertisement is cost-effective. Because you can target a specific audience, manage the budget, track conversations, bid control, and retarget potential visitors. All the above factors are making the Facebook ads first choice for advertisers.

Custom & Lookalike Audience

Let me explain these two terms one by one. Custom audience means the visitors who showed their interest or engagement with your product, website, or Facebook page.

Lookalike audiences include consumers who share similar interests, behavior, or demographics with your custom audience.

These two types of audiences can help you to get maximum ROI with Facebook ads.

Audience & Conversation Tracking

It’s the best part of Facebook ads. You can install Facebook Pixel on websites to track the activity of visitors. Moreover, you can use Facebook pixel’s event to run ads and optimize them to minimize your CPC. Being a social media marketing expert I would love to say that it’s one of the best features that Facebook has.

A/B Testing

Let’s suppose, you are running ads in two cities and getting amazing results. But you don’t know which city is performing well to generate Maximum ROAS. For this, you can use A/B testing and minimize your ad spending. It’s one of the best ways to identify the winning audience, ad copy, or as creative.

Detailed Report

Facebook ads allow you to create a detailed report about ads spent, results, audience targeted, and many more. With this feature, you can decide your strategy and get good results. Being a marketing manager I always analyze my ad and create a report before starting the next one.

Quick Results

If you can create an amazing marketing funnel/strategy. Then there are chances that you can get quick results. More important is the strategy. Results depend on your strategy to run ads. Always do complete research about the audience, create an eye-catchy ad creative and write top-notch ad copy.

Campaign Optimization

Bravo, it’s the top feature of Facebook that we can optimize a running ad based on previous results. But keep in mind, you need to give a minimum of two weeks to an ad before doing any editing. If you are an expert then there is an opportunity for you to get maximum results with minimum ad spent.

Conclusion: Facebook ads are the backbone of any business or service provider. You can sell your product, get brand awareness or collect leads with the help of Facebook advertisements.

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